Operating under the name of Yücel Furniture Accessories, taking understanding of high quality as a principle, our company serves today at an area of 2200min total comprising of 2000mof manufacturing area and of 200m2 showroom, which was 100 min the year of 1988.

With daily increasing customer portfolio both at home and abroad, the company replenishes itself continously without ignoring the customer satisfication and ease of use, and thus, it has made the necessary effort for you, and has provided the visual and online showroom in the new collection catalogue and on website so that you can check and order our new products.

Besides having a leading and contemporary line using the cutting-edge technology, in the furniture accessories, and also taking this line forward day-by-day, it continues serving you with products diversity increasing daily without comprising on quality.

Yücel Furniture Accessories has successfully concluded all works it has undertaken so far via its creative ideas and dynamic staff, which has enabled it extent the number of export countries above 10, and acknowledged it as its vision to add new ones into the networks.